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Privacy Notice


Password identify you the only way you can only use your account with your password. If you leak the password, you may lose your personally identifiable information, and may lead to judicial action against you. Therefore, regardless of any reasons why your password security has been compromised, you should immediately get in touch with us.
registration message

When you are a registered user, we ask you to provide registration information. Registration information may be required to provide your real name, address, nationality, telephone number, and email address. You also have the option to fill in additional information. We use registration information to obtain the user's statistics. We will use these statistics to give our users classification, so in a targeted manner to provide our customers with new products and services. We will notify you of these new products through your e-mail address.
Your transactions

We track the IP address just to secure necessary. If we do not find any security issues, we will promptly delete we collect IP addresses. We also track the day of the page to access the data. Page is used to access data throughout the day reflect your site's traffic, so that we can plan for the future (for example, increase the server).
Storage and exchange of information

User information and data is collected and stored in placed on our servers. Only when you need to back up in order to do that we may need to transfer your data to other servers.
external link

Website contains links to other sites. For the privacy practices of those sites is not responsible. We may increase business partners or co-branded Web site at any time of need.
information security

Our site has the appropriate security measures to ensure that our information is not lost, not to be abused or altered. These security measures include backup data to other servers and user password encryption. Even though we have these security measures, but please note that there is no "perfect security" on the Internet. Our website or the corresponding system repair, maintenance or upgrades may be lost, damaged or leaking your registration information, account information or transaction information, you expressed understanding, we do not require any responsibility. To ensure the security of transactions and to protect your legal rights, we encourage you to register information, account information and transaction information for data backup.